Sal-Chlor Poolrifik Salt Water Chlorinator

The Most Advanced High Quality Salt Water Chlorinator System at a realistic price






This unit is designed for export, and is custom built to the temperature and other requirements in the country of installation.

Repairs to Power Packs!

Upgrade Power Packs!


ADCS Micro-Processor Control

Chlorine Production LED light Display

The System that tells you when attention is needed

  • Salt Level Too High or Too Low

  • Cell Water Flow Fault

  • System Malfunction

Soft Start "Ramping Current"

Cell Life Maximised by gentle Ramping of Current to Electrodes on Start Up.


Self Regulating Voltage Supply to Cell

ADCS Monitors water conductivity which can vary through salt concentrations or foreign bodies at electrodes. Voltage is regulated to stay within optimum design parameters. Cell Life is maximised and overloading of the power pack is avoided.


Short Circuit Cut-Out

When conditions result in operating current exceeding design limits, the unit will switch itself off.

Cell Degassing Program between Cell Cleaning Cycles, a unique design to all Salchlor Self-Cleaning products


Low Maintenance Cell

  • Clear Inspection Housing – aids recognition of Cell Calcium Build Up

  • 6 Solid Plate Titanium Electrodes, with heavy duty Industrial Grade Coatings for increased cell life

  • Water Sensor cuts off power to cell in the absence of water

  • Cell design and materials reduce electrode cleaning


Fully Automated Operation

  • Chlorine Production Control


Optional Extras

  • Time Clock controls filter pump and chlorinator running times

  • Auto/Manual Override switch

Time Clock - sc16/5/M
Recommended Max Pool Size

  • Cool Climate - 80,000 Litres or 21,134 Gallons

  • Temp. Climate - 70,000 Litres or 18,492 Gallons

Grams C1 Eq./Hour

  • 16


  • 0.55%-0.65%

Time Clock - sc130/3
Recommended Max Pool Size

  • Cool Climate - 90,000 Litres or 23,775 Gallons

  • Temp. Climate - 84,000 Litres or 22,190 Gallons

Grams C1 Eq./Hour

  • 22


  • 0.55%-0.65%

Time Clock - sc130/5
Recommended Max Pool Size

  • Cool Climate - 110,000 Litres or 29,059 Gallons

  • Temp. Climate - 100,000 Litres or 26,417 Gallons

Grams C1 Eq./Hour

  • 27


  • 0.55%-0.65%

Time Clock - sc130/7
Recommended Max Pool Size

  • Cool Climate - 130,000 Litres or 34,342 Gallons

  • Temp. Climate - 125,000 Litres or 33,022 Gallons

Grams C1 Eq./Hour

  • 29


  • 0.55%-0.65%


  • 12 Months – Full Replacement of Power Pack

  • 24 Months – Pro-Rate on Power Pack

  • 12 Months – Full Replacement of Cell

  • 24 Months – Pro-Rate on Cell

  • Further extended warranty “Conditions of Agent”

  • Warranty limited to 12 months for commercial application

Australian Designed and Manufactured

  • Made in Australia and Exported throughout the world.

  • Manufactured to stringent Australian Standards AS3108, AS2374 and Weather

  • Proofing Standard IP24. Units incorporate removable hose proof front cover.

  • CE CTick N1515.

  • Commercial design built to AS3 108, AS2374 and AS-NZ5IS0 9002


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