Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Oxygen Powerhead 3240 NM

The Oxy-Sal Power Head can be used on any standard or reverse polarity model saline Chlorinator power pack with output voltages from 4.5vdc-10.00vdc. Simply screw onto cells DC terminals. Power usage 160 mill amps. Electromagnetic energy treatment system will accommodate swimming pools up 130,000 litres with a combination 20-30 gph mineral/salt systems. This reduces filtration running time by up to 35%. The UV life expectancy is 12,000-15,000 hours.


The Oxy-Sal Power Head has a UV-ADCS inbuilt controller which senses power supply, voltage and polarity change, this ensures all UV-LED’s are at 100% output under all conditions. 2.5 metre source cable supplied.


Oxy Sal Powerhead UV8 Powerhead

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Easily fit to: Eco-Fresh, Saltmaster, Purapool, Purachlor, Watermaid, Zodiac, Aqualine Fresh, Crystal Clear, Poolrifik, Equip, Evolution, Sapphire, Poolstore, Paramount, Aquaswim and many more mineral, magnesium, salt, ozone and oxygen swimming pool water treatment systems.

Another Quality Product from Sal-Chlor Climax Australian Water Technology. Innovators with close to 50 years Industry Experience.

Oxy Sal Powerhead UV 8 Installation.

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