• Models
    The SAL Saline Chlorinators and Chlorination Systems consists of various modular units with variable chlorine production capacities

  • Type
    In-line – Commercial Hypochlorite Plant

  • No. of Units
    Plant can be designed to comfortably meet chlorine production requirements with single rectifier/cell modular units. If system back up is required or desirable, systems can be designed to tolerate multiple cell shut-down without affecting the rest of the system

  • Chlorine Production
    From 50 grams per hour to 50 kilograms per hour or greater

  • Salt Concentration
    The system relies on the presence of salt in the water, ranging from seawater concentrations (3.5%) to as little as 5,500 ppm salt concentrations

  • Water Treatment Volume
    The pre-engineered range is designed to meet the chlorine requirements of any water volume or water flow rate. Where pre-engineered models are not suited to a particular application, units are tailor designed

  • Rectifier
    Designed to Australian Standards AS3108 & AS2374

  • Cabinet
    Thickness – 1.6mm

  • Finish
    Powder coated zinc anneal steel to 85 microns

  • Power Supply
    Up to and including 330 grams/hr – Single phase power supply

    > 330 rams/hour – 3 Phase power is required

    Single Phase 3 Phase Rectification

  • Primary Input Voltage
    110-240V 415V

  • Rectifier Controller
    Transformers are tapped for world power variation

  • Equipment
    Variable Chlorine Control

    Ammeter (conventional)

    Main Power On Switch

    Rectifier Power On Switch

    Lamps displaying: Power On, Rectifier On, Water Flow Fault, Temperature Alarm

  • Soft Start Up
    For maximum cell protection the unit is fitted with thyristor controls, soft start auto voltage and amperage romping

  • Cooling System
    Air or Fan cooled (on larger units)

  • Electrode Cell(s)
    Type – Monopolar, solid 1.6mm solid plate electrodes

  • Material
    Cathode – Solid Titanium plateAnode – Solid Titanium plate, coated with SC6 industrial quality coatings

  • Cell Cleaning
    Up to 330g/h Cl – Removal of cell and manual acid cleaning with mild acid solution, facilitated by acid cleaning chamber

    Above 330g/h Cl – Provide a semi-automatic, manual valve operated acid wash system, incorporating pump, check valves and acid tank

  • Plumbing
    Pipes, fittings and valves – Industrial grade heavy walled PVC or CPVC. Factory tested to 400 kPa. Electrode Inspection facilitated by clear PVC inspection portal in cell chamber

  • Minimum Water Flow
    The electrode cells require minimum water flow rates to ensure efficient heat transfer and maximum efficiency. Refer to Commercial Plant Specifications

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